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Swedish jewelry Kämpa bracelet

Swedish jewelry Kämpa bracelet

Kämpa is the Swedish word for fight/struggle. We all have to kämpa on a daily basis, with small things like getting out of bed early in the morning, to reach new goals, and big things like overcoming things and fears, resisting things that are bad for you, sometimes even to stay alive, to breath (I have asthma and I know that in bad situations every breath can be a painful struggle). The word kämpa/struggle is often right next to a lot of bad and negative words that are about suffering, but it´s when you kämpar you turn things around. The ongoing struggle is something positive, it´s a big part of what life is about and you learn things and evolve trough it, and it brings excitement and purpose to life.

So this is to remind you to get out of bed and just go on doing it.

The word is sculpted in bronze and protected from oxidation with durable jewelers lacquer. It is mounted on a thicker brass chain with double loops. Let me know the length you want when ordering.

I make it on DEMAND. It takes me up to 7 workdays to complete one. Ships in a small gift box.

520 SEK