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French bulldog hair stick

French bulldog hair stick

Hair stick for dog lovers featuring a french bulldog. The dog head is sculpted from bronze and is attached at a slight tilt to the head to the stick that I forged from stainless steel. The bronze is protected with jewelers lacquer. The steel stick part measures 11 cm, contact me if you want an other length.

I bet you can use them even if you have flimsy hair like me, and like me never even thought about trying. Have a friend show you how or watch a tutorial on youtube.  It can also be used as a shawl pin.

MADE ON DEMAND, takes me up to 7 workdays to complete.

Hårsmycke/hårsticka dekorerad med en fransk bulldog hund. Hundhuvudet är skulpterat i brons, stickan är smidd i rostfritt stål. Längd på stålstickan är 11 cm. Jag tillverkar den på beställning.

560 SEK