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Angel bunny necklace, fairy tale jewelry

Angel bunny necklace, fairy tale jewelry

I sculpted this little bunny friend from bronze. I love wings, when I was little I had very realistic dreams where I flew, I was sure I could do it, if I could just set my mind in the right mood. It was a beautiful feeling, gut tickling and a conviction that I was unstoppable, untouchable, I had these dreams especially when everything seemed dark, when the one friend failed me and my parents were caught in mutual depression and my dad told me "enjoy this time, school days were the best time in my life". So flying and wings symbolize survival with an unbroken spirit to me. I like slapping wings on things whenever I can, and they fit perfectly for bunny ears.

Comes on an adjustable brass chain.

MADE ON DEMAND, takes me up to 7 workdays to complete.

560 SEK