Anna Siivonen's Shop


I make sculptural wearable art inspired by my love for animals, fairy tales, and surreal art. I want my items to amuse and provoke feelings.  I strive for something unexpected when I design, a new take on a motive, or maybe a solution that isn´t common, a combination of things that are unusual…. while still being comfortable to wear.

The god thing about being a self employed designer is that I can go a bit crazy without being interrupted. I can create things I find fun and don't have to dilute my inspiration to make it mainstream. I won't sell hundreds of a design, but the few ones that I do sell are treasured.

I´m an obsessive maker, when I get an idea I want to make it happen immediately because I know that when the next idea comes I I’m likely to lose interest in the previous one.

I can have an idea, make it, put it up in my shop and sell it, all in one day.  I sell my handmade things, items made in Sweden (a country with high taxes where most companies outsource their production to Asia and India) to Asia and India, Russia, Azerbaijan, US and Mexico (mind blowing to me).

How I work: I usually sculpt my original in a clay that shrinks when firing, this way I get better details in small pieces. I start sculpting by forming the clay roughly to shape with fingers, after drying I carve the details I want with a scalpel. By using molds and clay that shrinks I make my sculptures in different sizes so that I can offer them as pendants, rings, earrings… The finished products are solid metal, they are durable and quite unique.